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“Veterans Helping Veterans"

Our Message
We believe the most effective programs for homeless veterans are community-based, nonprofit "vets helping vets" groups. We believe living in a well structured, substance-free environment, with the camaraderie of fellow veterans will provide our servicemen with the help they need to rebuild their lives.

Community Involvement
From time to time we will reach out to the community and try to assist our neighbors, anyway possible. This is part of the program where we give back to those that have given to us.

Rebuilding Lives
We are rebuilding our lives, one day at a time, for some of us that may take a little longer than others, we all know, that this too shall come to pass. We do have a 12 step program and bible study. If you or any member of your family is in need of this type of help, feel free to call on one our managers and we will gladly do our best to help you.

Drug and Alcohol Free Environment
We are a program that provides transitional housing and spiritual guidance for our homeless Veterans. Most or our veterans have completed a 6 to 9 month program and are merely here for a short of time while they seek employment and their own housing.

Our Dream
Southern California Veterans would like to expand its program to provide more housing for Veterans in need; with the help of our partners and additional outside funding, this dream could become a reality. .

Inspirational and Motivational Speaking
Our Veterans are available for inspirational and motivational speaking and as part of a project within a project, for every 6 veterans, 1 homeless person is housed and they in return assist him in his recovery. We truly believe that by giving  back to our community and fellow man, we are becoming better people and enriching our own lives, for that we will be forever grateful.

Southern California Veterans is a “Total Life Change Program” designed specifically for Veterans by Veterans. If you are ready to change your life and move forward please feel free to contact us.



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Background & Statistics

"The Forgotten Americans”

Stand Downs

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Loma Linda VA
quality healthcare to veterans.

One-third of all U.S. homeless men are veterans.

We believe every individual has the power to make a difference

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